Mulalo Teddy


Mulalo Teddy is a Creative and Talented individual, living life artistically. Unpredictable and hard to figure out. Let’s just say he is a Colourful being.

He is a full-time Multimedia student at UJ and a freelance designer. He decided to spread his wings and tackle the freelance world during his second year in varsity in 2014 because he had acquired enough knowledge and skills that boosted his confidence.

He does various kinds of work such as corporate identity and Branding, Photography, video editing and Web Design. With all the success he got in 2014, Mulalo believes that his career is yet begin and he hasn’t accomplished half the things he wants to as a designer. The journey is still very long so he still has a lot to learn and a lot to offer to the world. He still has a lot to prove to himself and unleash his full capabilities.

Contact for design inquiries.

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